Purpose over Profit

Activating the Power of Affinity Groups

Resolve Networks is a stealth mode venture building a gaming platform where individuals & groups do real-world good and earn money for causes they care about.
In short, completed game missions = money goes to charity. A purpose that people can get excited about.

Why Resolve Networks

Most humans have the desire to help those they have an affinity for, driven in large part by the science of our serotonin and oxytocin reward systems. Now more than ever before individuals, families, and teams are actively seeking opportunities to "give" in non-monetary ways. The mission of Resolve Networks is to prove that good is more than charity. The venture makes money when companies sponsor in-game activities that align with their brand’s purpose motives.

83% of B2B & B2C audiences feel companies should only earn a profit if they deliver a positive impact, yet only 37% believe companies actually do . What’s more, if a brand genuinely operates with a clear and strong purpose, those audiences are 6X more likely to support the company in the event the brand has a “misstep” or receives public criticism . Demonstrating purpose strengthens brand trust and affinity while increasing brand preference, advocacy, and protection.

Successful Games are Fun

The casual gaming market is both very large and rapidly growing.
• Mobile games in 2019 made up 60% of revenue within the global gaming market, generating $49 billion in revenue and a profit of $16.9 billion
• The most watched broadcast in history was Travis Scott’s April 2020 concert on Fortnite, 12.7M live viewers and >70M replays on YouTube alone in the first 6 weeks
There need not be business “losers” in order for everyone to experience a win-win outcome, made possible by a first life game for good.

Who Benefits

Win-Win outcomes benefit all who share a common purpose.
Brands sponsoring outcomes – For local small business to global F100 leaders, they use new tools targeting audiences with objective impact, not just messaging
Players executing missions – First life games offer fun and rewarding activities connecting affinity groups as an alternative to hours playing second life games
Causes players care about – Stronger together, charities receive cash and direct access to engaged volunteers at no cost to them
Recipients of Good – Individuals, groups, and our communities receive direct impact, generating emotional stories
Affinity groups – In real life, new choices for meaningful first life fraternity, community, fellowship, and service
Investors – A purpose worthy of donation with strong potential for moonshot value creation

Where it Begins

Founded by United States Marine Corps veterans, the company is developing its first game as a reference architecture to build the first affinity group and engage developers. The reference architecture game targets veterans, an affinity group with uncommon trust and a calling to serve one another in need. Beginning with missions for individual players focused on the environment, campaign-backed missions will expand in the categories of wellbeing and opportunity, to include single and team contests.

When it Begins

Resolve Networks is planning to emerge from stealth mode with a public beta release of its reference acritecture game in mid-September 2020 in DFW then Atlanta. Both are among the highest concentrations of veterans in the country. Building local momentum and data in Q4, the nationwide launch is scheduled for Q12021.